7 struggles a black woman in an interracial relationship can comprehend

Everyone in any relationship knows that dating is not always straight forward, it is tough and interracial relationships bring with them their own unique type of drama partners have to deal with. If you are dating outside your race or simply looking to find out what it is like, this article will point out some very interesting struggles black women in interracial relationships can understand.

I.Angry black men

There are black men out there who are not happy to see a black woman dating outside her race. You may hear things like "she thinks she is all that and too good to be with the brothers". It can be hard to ignore and the key is to not let it affect you.

II.Recipe problems

Since everyone was raised different and exposed to different foods, your partners taste in food will be very different to yours which can lead to arguments in the kitchen on how to modify the food. This is not a bad thing as long as it is done in good spirit and can present an opportunity to teach each other new things and even improvisation on your recipes which can bring you close together.

III.Questions about your love life

This is inevitable, when people see an interracial couple they know, they will try to be nosey and ask about their love life. The main question that pops ups a lot is "is there any truth in what is said about white men?". The best thing you can do is to avoid answering this question because your boyfriend would not want you spilling the beans on the things you do during your private and intimate moments together.

IV.Be prepared to be asked questions about everything

If it does happen that you are the first of your girlfriends to date a white man, be prepared to be seen as an ambassador and be the go to girl when it comes to questions about what you are up to when you are together, reasons you are dating him and lastly, his race.

V.Fear of him dropping the N-BOMB

One thing that crosses people's mind when they see an interracial couple is what happens when there is a difference of opinion and things get heated, does he drop the N-bomb? If they have children together, does he say it around them? It does sound a bit paranoid but in the heat of the moment it can happen and when it does it can be very hurtful.

VI.People trying to take your "black card" away

This is an interesting one because people think you are not "black" anymore because you have chosen to date a white person.

VII.Your partner thinking he has the "black card"

This point causes plenty of debate and since he is dating a black woman, participating in complaining about black people for example or dropping the N-bomb while rapping along to a hip-hop song can get a bit awkward and not a good idea.