Love that transcends race

It might sound crazy what we're about to say. But while you're in a black white dating relationship then there are some differences that will always stay. But that does not necessarily have to be a problem in your epic love story; in fact they can all be overcome quite easily if you both want to try.

Life is unpredictable and follows the only law and that is of entropy. And because of entropy, these differences might turn bone shattering and your relationship rattling. But it is your love that has taken you so far, and it will be your love that will take you to the shore in the moments of destructive storms.

So, here are a few things that you should keep in mind that will help you solve all of these differences that come with a black women white men dating relationship:


The differences that might have risen due to both of you being from different races can be cultural, racial, or proverbial. But all of these differences are not yours. Both of you are just beings who are born into those differences; you did not add them to your lives, because they happened to you. Granted, they might be the differences that are ages old and might be written in the pages of history.

But the human history does not matter to love at all! Love is eternal, and it transcends race, creed, and sex completely. Both of you are children of this randomly evolving universe of ours. By chance your relationship has happened after billions of years of entropic evolution, something like the color of skin can't divide you. So, no, they don't matter, never did, and never will.


These differences are something you should talk to your partner clearly and without any reservations. All of them are part of you and will never go away. What happened before you were part of their lives does not matter. What matters is what will happen once you are there.

You should have collective emotions about all of those differences in your black white dating relationship. Let them out, let them grow and be a part of you, and you will see how the colors, they blend together and create a mosaic that lights your life in mesmerizing shades.


Yes! Celebrate these differences. Feel great about the fact that you live in the times where you can have these differences and still be together without being beheaded by destroyers of love. All of your ancestors have fought for the right of loving these differences!

Love them, celebrate them and scream Carpe Diem. And remember, the fact that these differences are the reason why your relationship will never be boring. There will never be a time when you will ever stop knowing something new about your partner. And the fact that both of you love each other despite these differences is a boon to the both of you. Yes, dears, you have found each other in this gigantic world and earned these differences, so celebrate them with pride! At the end of the day, it does not matter if you have differences in your interracial dating relationship; because if you hold onto your relationship, love will transcend all the differences.