10 Idiotic things people say about interracial dating

Whether you're a black woman into Jewish dating, or an Asian dating a Native American, or a white guy dating a Hispanic, you've probably heard one of the following, very annoying and inappropriate things that people say:

1. Oh! I used to have a ______ boyfriend once, too! (Fill in the blank). People will always want to tell you about their failed interracial relationships. Blah.

2. But, what do your parents think about it? Are they worried about how the kids will look? Okay… parents might be family but they're word isn't the final say anymore. Both of you are adults that can make their own choices.

3. Why don't you find a Latina girl who can cook for you? There are lots in this category. Being too strong a woman for a black man… Not knowing how to cook unless you're Latina… the list of stereotypes goes on and on, and every single one of them is ignorant.

4. You must be so brave! You're so brave to do this. People may mean well with that, but it just comes off weird. Were you just going to hide in the closet or something and never come out? Hello!

5. I need me one of those! At some point, maybe they've seen your significant other do something they liked and said, 'Maybe I should find me a _______!'. The truth is that there are great people and also jerks of every color and race. So, you can just laugh that one off and say 'No, I really just have a great husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend'.

6. I'm down with the swirl. Any time it's a black/white relationship, people feel inclined to make reference to Orange Is the New Black. Why??

7. Is the sex different? Do we even need to explain this one? First off, it's just embarrassing and way to personal to be asking freely like that. And, if you think that other races are just inherently better at sex, well… you've got some growing up to do.

8. You're too good for your own kind, huh? Well, if that isn't one of the dumbest ones you've heard, then I don't know what is. Dating someone outside of your race doesn't make you a hater of your own race. Hello people! You're not in it to make a statement, to hate on your own race or to prove a point. Attraction and connection can happen between any two people.

This one comes in many forms… ''Oh, you couldn't find a nice Latina girl?'' ''Oh, you're too strong willed to get a black guy?'' 'Polynesians are more accepting of a little extra weight, right?'' They make absolutely no sense.

Well, to sum it all up, there are a lot of ridiculous and even outrageous things say about interracial dating, but in the end – it doesn't matter one ounce what anyone else thinks. Just live your life!