Interracial Couples On Social Media You Have To Follow

It can sometimes be difficult to find representation of interracial couples online, but there are a few great accounts out there that give a glimpse into the lifestyles of people who are in interracial relationships.

Whether you want to see the daily married life of a black/white couple, or if you're interested in travel bloggers who are in interracial relationships, there is an account to suit all needs.

These are only a few of the best interracial social media accounts out there, with many more left to be discovered. Which one of these is your favorite interracial dating account?

1. Jamie and Nikki

This cute YouTubing couple shares vlogs about their daily lives as a married interracial couple with children. They provide a cool look into the daily lives of a white man and black woman relationship that makes it easy to see that it's not that different from any other relationship.

Their adorable children, who are often featured in their videos, are also a treat to watch as Jamie and Nikki demonstrate that raising mixed children isn't any more difficult than raising any other race of child.

2. followmeawaytravel

Victoria is Italian and Polish-American, and Terrence is Jamaican and Haitian-American. The couple has made a loving relationship based on their passion for travelling the world together. Their account features breathtaking pictures from everywhere they've travelled.

They share even more artistically interesting shots on their second account @followmeaway, where Terrence's photography skills and Victoria's modeling really comes out to shine.

The two have a large fan base and will likely continue travelling together for many more years to come in the future. If you're a fan of black man white woman relationships and travelling, this is definitely an account you need to be following.

3. Zuri and Mett

This adorable YouTube couple is a coupling of a black woman with a white man. They often post videos about their interracial relationship on their respective channels.

Zuri has a whole playlist on her channel dedicated to videos about her interracial relationship, with the first one in the playlist answering most of the questions that curious people would like to know.

Zuri also posts many other great and informative videos about other topics including every day vlogs and beauty focused videos. It's a great channel for anyone who loves vloggers and who wants to see what it's like to be in an interracial relationship.

4. Drifter Planet

Sonal is an Indian woman and Sandro is a German man. The two met at a musical festival while travelling and soon thereafter tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding.

Now they blog about their travel adventures together and run a YouTube channel where they share stories of their travels. The two are ardent advocates of a nomadic lifestyle filled with travel and they are both clearly very happy with their career choices. If you love white/Indian pairings, this is a couple you should be following.