6 Tips for When You Get Stares and Strange Comments

You're probably not in your interracial relationship, or dating interracially to make a statement. But, sadly enough, the fact that you're in one makes some people (including strangers) feel that they have the right to make a lot of unnecessary statements. So, how do you deal with it?

1.Look at the context. While 85% of Americans say they approve of interracial relationships, not all of them do. For example, black women tend to disapprove more than women of other races. So, there are still groups out there that may give you some extra flack or attention.

And, let's just use our common sense here for a second – whenever people see something new, they automatically look twice. Right? Same goes for interracial dating and relationships. It can happen.

2.Don't be scared, but spend your time strategically. You should never have to live life in fear of people's comments or looks, but it may help to change up your habits a little. If you're going to the theater, for example, and getting lots of stares, pick a new theater!

If it's church or work, you may need to have some conversations with people, or learn how to ignore it.

But some places just may not be worth going back. After all, if people can't get over it in a few seconds, they're probably not worth hanging out with anyway.

3.Analyze your relationship. If you're secure, the comments and looks aren't going to bother you so much anyway. Think about what bothers you so much about what people say or do, and talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're solid with each other, you won't have to worry so much.

4.It may be a good thing. Some attention may be totally positive. Some people may actually be very interested and happy to see your interracial relationship working. They may be staring because they are in the same situation, and they are glad to see another interracial couple with a successful relationship. You never know!

5.You can definitely say something. Maybe you can't read the minds of those that stare, but you CAN decide to be polite, but firm. Say hello to them. Sometimes they're unaware that they're even staring that much.

6.Keep it fun. If people are really bothering you, play a game. You don't have to give them all the information they're looking for.If they are wondering what race you or your boyfriend or girlfriend is, or anything else, keep them guessing. People don't have to know all the details!

If you change your mindset from 'Why are they staring? They hate us, they're racist, they're about to say something mean!' to 'They can't even process what's going on with our family! Haha!' You'll feel much better.

Tell people the crazy things people have said to you. Stare back at the people that insist on staring. Just make it fun, and guaranteed you'll get over it.